How to take care of knitted clothes

The jersey successfully competes with other materials thanks to a number of useful and attractive qualities. Knitted garments are soft, elastic, do not constrain movements of a person. They are steady to wear and tear, well draped, possess high hygienic properties – the big air permeability and hygroscopicity, good heat-shielding properties.
The grace differs the jersey from textiles. Jersey is characterized by minimum quantity of seams, but thanks to elasticity it sits perfect. Knitted products demand soft attitude. It is necessary to observe care key rules knitted products in order to keep the appearance and qualities longer..
Woollen knitted products are washed separately from other clothes. Knitted things are not presoak. While washing it is desirable to use the special washing-up liquids intended for woollen and knitted products, that don’t contain bleaches. Never put the washing-up liquid directly on a product as it can spoil colour. Any jersey is usually washed by hands.
If you prefer to wash in the automatic machine, the mode should be sparing. For washing the delicate jersey — mohairs, cashmere, a mohair, — it is necessary to get special washing-up liquids. They soften water and don’t contain bleach.
When rinsing the wollen thing for the first time, water should be the same temperature, as while washing. It is necessary to rinse carefully as the rest of washing-up liquid remaining in a product, can spoil colour of a product while drying. While rinsing the last time, it is necessary to add liquid that deletes static electricity.
The washed jersey cannot be hung up. The thing should be wringed out at first: it is wrapped in a towel and wring out to a moist condition. Dry at a room temperature, having spread out to an equal surface, having given it the initial form. The knitted woollen product cannot be dried in immediate proximity from a radiator and under solar beams. The dried up thing can be steamed at a distance of 10-15 sm. Never leave an iron on a thing.
The formation of pellets is inevitable. It happens because of the synthetic materials, poorly twirled threads and non-observance of rules of care. You can remove pellets with special machine, and also with a shaving machine tool without a sticky strip. For this purpose the product needs to be spread out on a rigid, smooth surface and after that shave top-down.
The knitted things are stored in the combined way. It is possible to use packing packages where the sack with special granules for smell and moisture absorption is put. It is not recommended to hang up knitted products on hangers– they can get out of the shape.